Happy Tales

Happy Tales

These are tales (or “tails” as we call them!) that you send to us, telling how wonderfully your adoption experience with “our kitties” has turned out! We love ’em! Keep those cards and letters coming!!


I just wanted to send you a cute picture of Evelyn and Edgar!  They are adorable and my family is thoroughly enjoying them.  We have renamed them Amber and Asher . 

They still love each other and live to play.  They love to sleep with us.  Asher is shy but Amber will go under the covers and sleep along the side of my rib cage.  They are totally adorable!  


Well, “the girls” have pretty much taken over our home and seem assured that this is not just another temporary housing arrangement. They spend a lot of time in the sunny window seat in our bedroom, where we have positioned 2 beds, 1 heated.  In the attached photos, this morning they first were curled up in the heated bed.  

Mia, with her long, heat-retaining fur, needed to cool off;  so she moved to the unheated bed. While they get next to us for head rubs and, in Vida’s case, belly rubs, they’ve yet to sit in our laps.  Perhaps they just need more time. Diane and I very much enjoy their company and appreciate the opportunity to provide them with a caring, loving home.


Merry Xmas from Reina(Trigger) and Haley (Halo)


Miley was taken in by FFGW almost a year ago when her owner passed away. Shuffled from house to house trying to find a place to settle, the family contacted us saying she needed a new home. One of our many amazing foster families took in eight year old Miley, keeping her safe, happy and loved. We moved Miley to one of our partner vets, Just Cats Clinic in Reston, VA where they help show our adoptable cats in their amazing front playroom! Miley adjusted quickly and one week later she met her person. Her new Mom emailed us and said, “Brittany, I thought my search would take much longer to find the kitty I was looking for, until I walked in and met Miley!” That’s all we needed to hear! Miley is celebrating this Thanksgiving in her Forever Home!! You can see she’s made herself a part of the family after a rough year.



Hi Brittany and Lindsey! We are so in love!!! The boys have settled in so well  

They are still getting use to Lucy Loo and Sandy (our fur doggie girls). Java has let the girls get more closer to him than Nitro has. Nitro seems more into finding things to get into  Java seems to act like a big brother to Nitro. 

They have been playing together and they are also eating very well. They know where the litter boxes are and really have just settled in nicely! 

We went out to dinner last night and when we walked into the door the boys came running down the stairs to great us! They are really just so sweet and are getting spoiled rotten!

This morning they were hanging out in the sun in our foyer.


The girls are doing wonderfully. They are lovely companions. They want to be around us all the time. They have full run of the house now, but prefer to hang out wherever we are. We have renamed them Demelza and Prudie. I put a red collar on Delmelza so that I can tell them apart, although when they are together, Delmelza is the smaller one. They spend a lot of time napping, although they spend time racing around the house. Last night a neighbor girl came over and played with them and they loved her. They are sweet and we love them. Thank you



Update Received 11/20/2019

Bo and Jackson are doing great! We have transitioned to living without barriers. The only small exception is when I am going to be out of the house for a long time. I think they are both ready for that one last step. I am just moving slowly because I can. They do great without supervision at night and when I step out for short periods. Jackson is so happy to have a buddy join him as he dashes around. Sometimes the running course includes the bed at 4 am, but I am just glad to endure it because they are both enjoying each other’s company so much! LOL! 

I am so happy to report there are no issues and they are loving their new found togetherness. They both love to play…a lot. The very first long time frame they were together was about 4.5 hours. They played nonstop the entire time. I only separated them so they could take a break! Since then there are no barriers, and they are either playing, eating, or sleeping. 

In case any new fur parents want one example of an integration and how long it took, this was eight weeks. Meals were together starting at the door to Bo’s area. I slowly moved the meal locations into common areas (hallway, living room, kitchen, bedroom) so they could have the pleasant thing in as many places as possible. The baby gates never worked for long. When I added a second one for added height, Bo just climbed over it, so I gave up! Haha! Thanks! 


Spike, Henry & Bruce

Update Received 3/22/2019

Good afternoon,

I was just scrolling through your “Successful Adoptions” pages and found my Spike.  I am going to attach a couple new photos, but he looks the same as the photo you have on the web site.  He’s turning 12 this year.  We are crazy for each other. He sleeps on my head every night.  He has inspired art as my daughter has painted at least two portraits of him for me.

Spike, and Henry whom I also adopted from you (2010).  I don’t remember the name Henry had when he was with you.  He has no eyes.  He and Spike love each other.  Henry gives Spike a bath every day, whether he needs it or not.  He also washes my border collie’s face (dog).  I had an old border collie when Henry joined our family, and she was very frail.  He was her constant caregiver.  He actually cried when she died.  I wound up getting another BC pup pretty quickly because I couldn’t stand it without her.  Henry took the new pup under his care right away.  That dog is now 6.  Henry also manages my German Shepherd (an “accidental” rescue in more recent times).  Henry’s portrait has also been painted.  Everyone who meets Henry wants a cat just like him.  Isn’t that amazing?  Yet Siamese rescue declined him saying nobody would want him.  I say, “they only made the one.”

So thanks for rescuing cats.  I thought I’d drop a line and let you know these guys are still great.  

Best regards,

Kathryn M

Olive Oyl

Our precious Olive Oyl‘s mom updates us on life  with her little girl: Olive is now completely at home and acting like a kitten.  She and [her feline brother] Isaac play with a shared toy, wrestle, chase each other around, and lick each other without complaint.  They also both sleep on the bed with me at the same time, taking turns lying on my chest for scratches and pets.  [And] they both have decided that midnight is bedtime whether I go upstairs or not.  I just notice that the cats have left the basement.  I find them asleep in the bedroom…silly kitties.  Sometimes they even sleep with their bodies actually touching. Regarding male vs. female cats (mom had been looking for a brother for Isaac and we persuaded her to consider Olive Oyl a/k/a Kitty Purry): Well, you were absolutely right.  She’s the best little cat.  She runs down the stairs so fast that you would swear she was flying and she’s got a vertical leap that would challenge any NBA player.  She’s frequently just plain silly which is where she got her third nickname “Silly Britches” (it also fits because of her uneven back leg markings making her appear to have a bad pair of shorts on). In case you can’t tell, I’m smitten with little Olive Oyl!–Cheers, Mary Kay, May 2012


Spice Boy was a grouchy old man at 10 years old, who was given a second chance with a new home, and a new name: Mortimer. His new mom originally agreed to foster him short term, since his  grumpy habits didn’t endear him to many people. Despite a rocky beginning, he managed to wiggle his way into his human’s heart by being a thoroughly cuddly grumpafuzz. Even though he is still a bit skittish, he is making huge strides overcoming his curmudgeony outlook. Mortimer will do basically anything for cuddles, though his humans think it’s just because he loves to shed on clean clothes and trying to convince his mom that naps are better than passing law-school. He’s also discovered a new-found kittenhood, thanks to his new grandma’s home-made cat-toys and nip. His new mom couldn’t imagine life (or naps) without her favorite old grump.–Above: Mortimer & Mom May 2012


UPDATE: Snow white Nyssa was adopted from FFGW on June 30, 1996 (find the original Happy Tale about Nyssa and her beloved brother Meli by clicking on the “More Happy Tales” link at the bottom of this page.) In Fall of 2011, Nyssa was 18 years young and, in the past year, became totally fluent in understanding Greek…. it was the only way her doting mom Sylvia could practice the language. She still has a true Siamese scream which she uses when she first awakens from her 5-6 hour morning nap and, when mom asks her what’s wrong, she goes mute – she just wanted to make her presence known.  But how she vocalizes when Sylvia is on the computer! (Sound familiar, cat people?) Nyssa has made a few concessions to the aging process, including finally accepting renal diet wet food—after initially giving it two paws down (“this is not real chicken or real turkey.. it’s not real food”). And she still loves cuddles on the bed and rolling on paper (see her at right rolling on her paper with her favorite feather). Nyssa also loves to be brushed and she throws her forelegs totally behind her head and gives a big stretch, which mom calls her “beautiful girl stretch”. And she does this on request!  Nyssa, you ARE a beautiful girl!!!! With sadness, we report that Nyssa joined her beloved Meli at The Rainbow Bridge on October 22, 2012–we can only imagine their delight at being together again, even as our hearts go out to their mom, Sylvia, who misses them so!


After having a wonderful and wacko cat for 20 years, our mom had to put Snuggles to sleep on a Monday. Our mom was very upset and applied to the Feline Foundation the same day. Mom wanted a kitten and Ms. Judy sent a picture of Simone (nee: Lydia) and mom and dad immediately scheduled a visit. Ms. Judy recommended me, Alvin (nee: Orlando), and mom warmed to the idea hearing that I was still very young at heart and that I would do good in a home with a kitten. On Friday night, mom brought home Simone and Saturday afteroon mom and dad met me at the door of my foster mom’s and brought me home. Simone and I have adjusted well, as you can see, in less than a week. We know we’ve got it made and that we’ll share Snuggles’ space in mom’s and dad’s heart.
– Alvin, Simone, Ted and Erin


Aloha, I’m Sawyer. I’ve had many adventures! The Feline Foundation rescued me as an orphaned and injured kitten. During surgery to repair a groin tear, my heart stopped, but the doctors saved me. I went to a foster home, contracted ringworm and was confined to a bathroom. Shortly after getting adopted, I moved to Hawaii for a year. Now I’m back in Virginia, living the boring life of eating, napping and playing. Boring is good! – Ruth and Tom
ed note: Sawyer did have a brush with fame when he was featured in “Show-n-Tail” in Washingtonian Magazine earlier this year!


We adopted Ringo 16 years ago, when he was 2. The adoption fair was at the Old Towne Alexandria school for dogs! Ringo is going to be 18 in May. Ringo and my son, Scott (22 now) grew up together. Ringo was the “show and tell” in my son’s class every year from K-6th grade! Valentine came 2 years ago, when we lost our beloved Rose..(a FFGW cat too). Valentine is now 7 years old. She is a ball of energy and she keeps Ringo young! We love them both, they are a joy!! – Laurie


Ernest is a very special cat in that he is a polydactyl (extra toes), and he has an amazing personality. We discussed that a cat would be a perfect companion for my niece who was about to graduate from med school and move to Texas to do her residency. But there was a problem. Ernest was found to have a heart problem that would require daily medication (a tiny pill) and sadly probably shorten his life. Fortunately for Ernest, the new Dr. was willing to take him anyway; after all he would be in good hands. Ernest put on his cowboy hat and moved to Texas. Her fiancée moved as well. Well Ernest, with all his charm, and my niece’s fiancée have become best pals. Ernest has been dubbed “The Best Cat Ever.” Ernest is now a Texan getting Texas size love everyday.
Thank-you Feline Foundation for giving Ernest a chance to have a purrrrrrr-fect family. – Bonnie


In 2009 we brought 1 1/2-year old Polly home to our family of two adults, a teenager, an 8-year-old dog, and two parakeets. She settled in with the humans immediately. It took exactly eight weeks for Polly to establish her status with the dog of the house, who had never lived with a cat and did not have good manners. She cleverly asserted her place by cautiously advancing on, and proceeding to drink from, his water bowl while watching him carefully. She continues to drink from his bowl daily. They are now able to share the sunny spot at the front door, and enjoy boisterous play. Polly comes along with the family for beach vacations. She is content to remain in the beach house. She sleeps in our bed each night and enjoys spending time in our screen porch watching birds. She is a lovely, sweet, gentle girl and we are all in love with her. Thanks, FFGW for saving Polly! – Frances


Sofie was adopted in September, 2008. She spent the first week or so under the sofa, but was able to establish very quickly who was in charge – I spent much of that week lying on my stomach on the floor in front of the sofa waving feathery toys at her. I found out from FFGW that Sofie had never been seen playing. I can testify that that has certainly changed. She especially loves paper balls (naturally, since I spent ridiculous amounts of money buying special plastic and straw and fur and wood balls!) and is a fantastic leaper and catcher-in-mid-air. The bottom line is that Sofie has definitely landed on all four furry feet in a place where she is loved and – I must confess – indulged. I am working on my cat parenting skills, but it may be too late…


Samantha was initially named Laura. She likes to “help” with any project and is a faithful companion. She enjoys hiding under her kitty quilt and playing with her sister Gaby. Samantha prefers to have her coat combed rather than brushed and loves to be kissed on the cheek. She is a gracious hostess and welcomes guests. She will be two years old in July.

Gaby (short for Gabrielle) started her life with the name Marilyn. She is a curious, independent girl and loves to spend time exploring outdoors in sun, rain, sleet, or snow. She is very relaxed and will show her tummy to almost anyone. She likes to have her coat brushed and likes kisses on the back of the neck. When she drinks water, her right paw must go into the bowl. Gaby will be two years old in July.
– Jane


Tucker (big white and orange male) and Sweetie (tiny white and black female) I adopted from FFGW a couple of years ago. Both cats are happy and extremely spoiled (as evidenced by Tucker’s sizable haunches!) I live in a three story condominium that the cats explore thoroughly each day when chasing each other, talking to birds, harassing bugs, etc. There are also many places to investigate, their favorites being the ones not meant for cats. They get along great despite the size difference, as long as Tucker remembers that Sweetie is in charge. In addition to their friendliness they also make me laugh, which can be very therapeutic at the end of a long day. I am very happy to have them in my life.
– Elliot


We adopted these two siblings after losing our beloved cat, Winston, 3 weeks shy of his 20th birthday. We turned to the Feline Foundation for assistance in adopting and I am delighted we did. These little darlings were on the brink of disaster when Martha Reitman, a foster volunteer, took them in and bottle fed them. Piper and Marley are now 6 months old and have brought so much joy to us. They continue to be very curious and adore chasing each other. They also enjoy getting up at 6:30 a.m. for breakfast! We are so grateful to the Feline Foundation and Martha Reitman for the ease of this adoption.
– Judy


Dakota has gone big time since being adopted in summer 2008! He moved from a two bedroom apartment to a two story big house, making the transition easily. Dakota enjoys stair-climbing, running down the big hallway, and sliding on the wooden floors. “Baby Daks”, our term of endearment, also loves to drink water from the tap and lie on our chest to sleep at night. Daks also loves company and is the life of the party when we entertain. He owns this house. We cannot imagine our life without “Baby Daks”.

Thank you FFGW for rescuing Dakota! Dakota is the joy of our lives. We give him the best because he deserves the best!
-Cindy and Richard


I had to send this to you. It is priceless! Pixie is the BEST kitten and we are so happy to have added her to our family. Thanks so much!



Spike was adopted by us on March 28, 2008. He is shamelessly devoted to me in particular, but spreads his affection to all members of the family, including the dogs. His favorite toy is a Q-tip. Q-tips make him bonkers.

Spike has to be in the middle of whatever I am doing. Last summer I was sewing tote bags to fund-raise for the FFGW and discovered Spike’s love of sewing (see photo). Spike’s personality continues to unfold in beautiful and mysterious ways.


They are absolute joys. It has been such fun watching them grow up and develop their very different personalities. Daisy is quite sedate, but Cami is still the clown and the dominant cat. Not a day passes without being grateful that we have them and for the wonderful work you and others do fostering.

-Nan and Ed


Her official name is now Twig and, in my house, is often referred to as the Twigster. She is a very “busy” kitty; she loves Q-tips, paperclips and shredding paper. Now that I am on to her, I have put the Q-tips and paperclips out of sight. The paper shredding goes on but I guess that’s why vacuum cleaners were invented.

I have had cats my entire life and have never seen such an alert and curious critter…she is everywhere and at the speed of light. When exploration and being in all places at all times have worn her out, she settles in for long naps. Once rejuvenated, she checks the house and the other pets to be sure all is well. She and Annie, my Bouvier, get along well, and she has found a playmate in Sophie, my four year old cat. They are always a source of entertainment.
She is a sweetheart and a welcome addition to my household.



I adopted Corrigan in February 2009. He’s a big armful of love and enjoys observing the world from the window or the safety of the balcony. I don’t think he misses his days at the rest stop, but he did catch a couple of invading mice last year! And boy oh boy – is he a bed hog!

Boo was rescued at two weeks and I adopted her in November 2009. Corrigan needed company after we lost Betsy (another FFGW kitty). Boo is feisty, funny, a little wild, and really sweet when the mood suits her – all due to the love she got from her foster mom as an itty bitty fur ball. Boo is also turning into a really “Bootiful” kitty.

They get along great and are very tender with each other, though wrestling sessions can get a bit noisy. I feel so lucky to have two such wonderful kitties, and grateful to all the FFGW volunteers for spreading the kitty joy.



I adopted Jack (then “Star”) in June 2008. He is such a playful and loving boy. Having his tummy rubbed is his FAVorite thing in the world (never had a cat that liked that, so I didn’t catch on until he “taught” me – many pointed attempts jumping in my lap, rolling over on his back and staring at me expectantly until I “got” it!) He comes running whenever he’s called and never lets my lap get cold while I’m working on the computer.

Jack had a severe eye infection when he was “rescued” as a tiny kitten, and I’m so grateful to FFGW for taking the extra time and expense to raise him and make him well – I’m certain without them this terrific cat would not be here today.



I was still feeling the effects of having put down, November 2009, my precious 19 year old, Zen, when I happened to see Leo’s picture. It was love at first sight. After bringing him home, the adoption was and is well rewarded.

Maine Coons, of which he is or has a lot of, are not necessarily lap cats. He does have the distinctive “M” on his forehead. Well all 14 lbs of Leo are. He is affectionate, friendly, playful, e.g. a wonderful successor to Zen.



Norah and Kairos are about to celebrate their first birthdays! They are both doing wonderfully–playful as ever and still growing.

Kairos has truly become a “mommy-and-daddy’s” boy. He loves to be wherever we are, follows me around the house, and “knocks” on my office door whenever I close it. Norah, too, is an absolute love-bug. Any lap that is available she quickly occupies and her energy and “spunk” never cease to provoke our laughter whenever it inspires her to do something silly (for example, sometimes she abandons her toys to play with her big, poofy tail!).

They are a joy to have as part of our family and we’re so happy they have each other. As the pictures indicate, they are–and have been since they came home–the best of friends.

-Chris and Erin


I was making a donation and decided to check the “successful adoption” area and there she was, Palamino, or should I say, Macy Day. 

      Macy is now part of the family, and has been for over three years now, having two chocolate labs, Sadi at 14 yrs and  Suki at 4yrs., for sisters.  

 As the photo above shows she is best friends with Suki  although she  is loved by us all.

 I am so very thankful that you were there to rescue her mother with her kittens so that Macy could become part of our family. Thank you so much.

Merrill H.


I’m a handsome elderly gentlemen of 16 who has lots of life left and lots of affection to give. I lost my home of eight years last July due to some very unfortunate circumstances (still  miffed about THAT!)  and was returned to FFGW. I had to undergo a couple of surgeries for kidney problems, which FFGW paid for, and recovered nicely at McLean Animal Hospital. Luckily, a space opened up in foster care last November, and I went home with foster mom Mary Jo M to take up residence with the two house cats, Carmen and Kiley. We had a few hissy matches at the beginning but soon settled down—they realized I was the boss!

I was fully prepared to live out my life at Chez M. I went to a couple of adoption fairs, but people tend to look at the young whippersnappers and overlook mature felines like me. Then, last month, a miracle happened!  A very nice womn named Suzanna was looking for an older cat for her former mother-in-law, a lovely 90-years-young lady whose cat had recently passed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Suzanna saw my pciture on the Web site and knew immediately I was The One! After all, who could resist a BOC (technical veterinary term for Big Orange Cat)? Suzanna came by and got me and my scratching post (I like it even though I have no front claws) and a couple of toys and took me to my new home.

At first I was a little grumpy about being uprooted again. I hid under the bed for a day or so, but then decided maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all. My foster mom had given me lots of affection, but she does, after all,  have two other cats and a job. This new person, on the other hand, was home ALL the time and could devote ALL her attention to yours truly. Me likey! So I crept out from under the bed that night and slept at the foot of Mrs. Braun’s bed. I even gave in and began to eat a little. By the third day, according to a report from Suzanna, I was really liking this, and Mrs. Braun was totally in love with me (can you blame her?) All the food and water and petting sessions I wanted—-and I know I am here for good.  I miss my foster brother and sister, but it is good to be the King!  Guess you could say I’ve found my niche in life….sorry, have to go…time for another snuggle session with mom!

Mary Jo M.


Our family has adopted a very lovable and personable kitty, Bud. We had lost a member of our family, Sporty, and we were still feeling the lose when we were alerted that the FFGW had a wonderful kitty available for adoption.

Bud was rescued by a good-hearted shelter after he had been hit by a car. 

Unfortunately, the surgeons had to remove his right rear leg from the hip but it hasn’t doused his spirit! We visited the FFGW adoption fair and met Bud and were immediately smitten. We brought him home with us that very day.

He has settled into our family wonderfully — he sleeps with us, plays “toe monster” in the morning to wake us up, is continually curious about **anything** we eat, and is such an adolescent: one moment skittering around the family room with his favorite toy and then the next moment snuggling up to us for a relaxing and refreshing snooze. He had such a great personality and we are saddened to think that someone thought he was not worth keeping. But we’re very happy that he joined our family. He’s bright, inquisitive, snuggly, and playful. It’s amazing how well he gets around and leaps about with only 3 legs! He gets along with all — adults and children.

Thank you FFGW for giving us such a wonderful new family member. – The Reidy family


Two years ago (November 6, 2004) I adopted my first pet and my best friend.  In a year where I took a new job and turned 30, I felt it was time to get a pet.  I had never owned a cat, but had been turned on to them by my younger sister who had three of her own.

Having noticed an add in the Washington Post Express, I called the Feline Foundation and filled out all the appropriate forms.  Initially, I was going to get an adult cat due to my inexperience with cats, but with my little sister living in this area I was granted the opportunity to adopt a kitten if I so desired.
I first noticed his picture on the FFGW website, and on Halloween of 2004 I went and met “Mr. Grey” at his residence in Adams Morgan.  He was about 8 weeks old at the time, one of 7 kittens born to his mother Athena.  Until that never, I had never experienced love at first sight, but that little guy made me melt.  He crawled into my lap and I just knew we were meant to be together.
The following Saturday I came with my sister to pick him up and take him home for good.  Having named him “Achilles” due to his warrior-like male dominance and acknowledging his Greek mother, he quickly became the center of my world.  We played together, sat on the couch together, and he even began sleeping with me at night.

Within a few months, another cat arrived in my life.  My sister’s cat Twinkie had a weight problem living with my parents in PA.  She came to Virginia for a vacation/fat camp to help slim her down.  Achilles took to her so well, that she has never left.  With long work hours keeping me at the office on occasion the two darlings have each other during the day.  Together they sit in the window and snarl at birds or play with the furry mice to pass the time.  I could not be happier with the way this has worked out.

I’d like to thank the Feline Foundation for introducing me to my best friend and making my existence more meaningful because of the joy this little guy has brought me.  Never in my life would I have guessed that I could be such a cat lover, but charming little Achilles has made me a better man.  A friend of mine at the office once said referring to cats, “sometimes the best people in life are fur people.”  And my little fur people are just that; the absolute best!  FFGW, keep up the great work!

Peter C.


Nyssa came to us through FFGW. My cat was 6 1/2 and depressed because his buddy across the hall had recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He still visited with the family every day, but didn’t eat for 3 days after Smokey crossed over. On the advice of his therapist, we decided on a female 2-3 years’ younger, so his dominance wouldn’t be tested. I tried cats through FFGW and newspaper give-up adoption ads. None worked and back they went. Then, Feline Foundation sent me a photo of a 2-year-old snow white female with a traumatic background. Her first owner almost completely tore off an ear to teach her a lesson. She was in a foster home for love, treatment, and healing. A young couple adopted her and kept the name given by her foster mom – Nyssa, to avoid further trauma. After a year, they decided that she was alone too much. I later found out the husband didn’t like her nervous vomiting. They brought her to us June 30, 1996, put her carrying case on the floor and opened the door.

Thump, thump, thump went Meli’s heart – Instant love!! Nyssa and Meli PouncingAnd she WAS beautiful. He tried to go in the case, but she was terrified. I told him to leave her alone. He understood exactly what I said. It killed him, but he sat there and watched her explore, until she hid in the bedroom closet. After a total separation while I was at work, free roaming when I got home and overnight, all was fine. She began to accept Meli as a playmate and was impressed with his good looks. Despite being neutered, he knew a female when he saw one. And she was a babe. The indignities she endured; but she truly loved him and would kiss his face which misread.

They were frequently cuddled on her chair like an old married couple. We were a happy family.

In October 2005, Meli had surgery for bladder cancer. It recurred this year and metastasized. He had no pain and was still going after Nyssa, but he began fading. He was put down at home on July 17, 2006 with Nyssa and his human friends surrounding him. Nyssa and MeliHe was 16 1/2. She still looks for him in his closet and calls him, but is enjoying all the attention she’s getting. She is 12 now, gorgeous, and still cannot be picked up and held – that’s how long her fear has lasted. I don’t know if I’ll get another cat for her because she loves having no competition. I’ll know if she has the need for a feline pal, just as I knew Meli would let me know when he was ready to cross over. We’re still adjusting to life without him, so now is not the time – the pain is too fresh.

Fortunately, she’s the comic relief.. And she is dearly loved.

Sylvia T- Arlington, VA

Paddington and his Baby Brother!

Paddington was rescued with his 5 siblings in June 2004. Although the kittens had been fed and watched over by a concerned caretaker, they had never been handled by people until the day our volunteer went out to  bring them into foster care. They were pretty shocked at the move indoors and took a few weeks for them to decide that being hugged and kissed wasn’t terrible after all. Paddington was the shyest of the group and was in foster care for almost a year before he found his person. 

Here’s an update:  Paddy joined Momma last year and enjoys playing all around the house, although he really prefers lying on Momma’s lap and giving her face rubs with his own face. In the evening, he likes to cuddle up to Momma and lay his paw across her shoulder as they fall asleep. But he was beginning to get lonely during the day when Momma went to work. The first kitten they tried to bring in was far too rambunctious for the still timid Paddy, and he was a bit of a wreck after three weeks, so they found the kitten a wonderful new home.

But now, Paddy has a little brother he truly loves: Shadow, adopted from a family member of Momma’s. Paddy and Shadow could be twins – their white marks on their faces even match! And Shadow lives up to his name, following his big brother everywhere – sometimes playing, but sometimes just snuggling as Paddy gives him a bath. Here’s some pictures of the new happy family, Paddy – the light of my life – and Shadow – beloved by us both.


In September 2000, I adopted a feral kitty from FFGW then named Duffy, a 10-month-old buff tabby with a deformed rear right paw. Duffy, his mother, and his littermates had been rescued in Oxon Hill. Duffy decided that he liked the soft life indoors. When I met him, he was living with his kind-hearted foster mom, Alena, and her two sweet kitties. He was already a big boy. His first greeting to me was a hiss. 

I brought him home, and he hid in the guest room for quite a while. He was drawn out with cat food and cuddling. Duffy has the softest mouth, and loves to be hand-fed.  Eventually he got used to the house, and his older sister Brigid, a beautiful Turkish Angora who is also a rescue kitty.  He is a major character–he barks, loves to show his belly, and enjoys being worshipped. 

Last year, we moved to a beautiful place where Duffy and Brigid can enjoy nature safely at ground-level. His favorite place in the house is the recliner that came with the house. 

Duffy was not an easy cat to raise–it took a lot of patience and time–but he had lots of help at the beginning of his life, and he is a sweet, loving friend whose heart is in proportion to his large size!

Patricia Maloney


Molly has been Cosmo’s companion and playmate for one year and during that time she has had such a positive, profound impact on Cosmo that I am VERY amazed. 

Within a week of her arrival and the obligatory hissing, Molly earned free reign of the house and she explored the house with Cosmo tagging behind her, wondering who she was. Within two months, they were taking turns chasing each other up and down the stairs, playing hide and seek, stalking each other, rolling across the floor in a large fur ball and getting nose to nose and boxing. At four months, Molly ran up to Cosmo, who had never been groomed by another cat before and started grooming his head, he got all big eyed, freaked out and ran and hid. Now, they groom each other. 

Molly use to sit and watch Cosmo catch little treats that I would toss to him. He’d catch them by jumping up and trapping the treat between his front paws. One day, Molly let out a meow, sat back on her hind legs and waited for me to toss her a treat. She did drop the first few treats I tossed her but soon after that she was catching as regular as Cosmo.

Molly and Cosmo are rarely separated now. I call them “the twins” because they are so close, both in looks and distance between them…see the pictures. Molly is a big time cuddlier and when she climbs into my lap, Cosmo is not far behind her and the two of them make quite a lap full. 

Molly has taught Cosmo to be a much friendlier cat and more loving then he ever use to be. Now if she could just teach him to walk into the carrier so I wouldn’t have to chase him around prior to a vet visit, I would be very happy.

Thanks FFGW for helping me find such a terrific companion for Cosmo. The twins are great together.

Denis Williams


In September of last year I brought home a skittish, waif-like Lucia (formerly Elsie) and her young daughter Sabina (formerly Sunshine).  Lucia was maybe a little more than a year old, and her young daughter was just over 4 months. 

Lucia had been rescued months earlier, abandoned in an alley. And she was pregnant.

By September all of her kittens, except one, had been adopted. She was too bonded to her for them to be separated. So I happily took them both.  The entire way home in the car they both struggled like mad to find any possible way out of their carriers. And when I let them go in my small apartment, they both huddled under the couch, both making sure that the other was alright.  A conciliatory gift of yogurt was grudgingly accepted by Sabina, but Lucia remained hidden all that night and well into the next morning.

Now, 7 months later, when I walk into my apartment, I am greeted by the now happily chubby Lucia and her distinctive meow–which is really a cross between a bark and a squeek.  Although I am not sure that Lucia will ever be a “lap cat”, she goes well out of her way every day to make
sure that I know that she appreciates and trusts me. As soon as the alarm goes off in the morning she is right there for her morning rub.  And on the weekends she likes to lie in bed with me, kneading my arm with her paws and purring. She also spends a lot of time on her back on my pillow when I am not in bed. She looooooooooves the bed.

Sabina, not having endured the hardships of her mom and also still being a kitten, is, well…a kitten. She enjoys shredding toilet paper and stalking anything that moves. Including her mom (both human and feline).  Both mommy and her kitten are well adjusted and happy. And nothing could make me happier.

Jessica MacKenzie


When China first laid eyes on his new owners, five years ago this last October, he thought they were monstrous. Called Angora at the time, he snuggled in with his two brothers, Cashmere and Argyle and braced himself. “AACK! They are reaching for me!”

At eight weeks old, China and his two brothers had been rescued from a parking lot in Northern Virginia. Their father was an infamous stray cat in the area. The mother was no where to be found, but she’d left an unmistakable mark on her feral kittens, the notion that humans were downright scary.

Luckily, when Kitson and Guy five years ago knocked at the door of the foster home and met a handful of charming kittens, they looked past the precocious purring tabbies and the friendly little calicos rubbing on their legs. They could see that China, who peered out from behind one of his brothers ears’ trembling, needed a special family, one that would pay him extra attention and bring him around.

The first night at home, China hid away, sleeping inside a toiletry kit in the bathroom. Their dog, a rottweiler princess named Gbatu, took tiny the little China doll in as her baby and refused to leave his side. China thought this was just fine, and with a little patience and a lot of tender loving care from Kitson, Guy and the dog, it wasn’t long before China was tearing through the house attacking the laundry and any knitting bags he could find. Within days, he turned into quite a snuggler.

ive years later, China is as well-adjusted as any cat could be. He doesn’t care too much for people in the house other than his immediate family, but he has been known to warm up to anyone holding a can of Fancy Feast. Sadly, Gbatu died in 1998, but China can be found many mornings curled up under her portrait in the master bedroom.

Kitson Flynn

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