Happy Tales

Evelyn & Edgar

I just wanted to send you a cute picture of Evelyn and Edgar!  They are adorable and my family is thoroughly enjoying them.  We have renamed them Amber and Asher . 

They still love each other and live to play.  They love to sleep with us.  Asher is shy but Amber will go under the covers and sleep along the side of my rib cage.  They are totally adorable!  

Mia and Vida

Well, “the girls” have pretty much taken over our home and seem assured that this is not just another temporary housing arrangement. They spend a lot of time in the sunny window seat in our bedroom, where we have positioned 2 beds, 1 heated.  In the attached photos, this morning they first were curled up in the heated bed.  Mia, with her long, heat-retaining fur, needed to cool off;  so she moved to the unheated bed. While they get next to us for head rubs and, in Vida’s case, belly rubs, they’ve yet to sit in our laps.  Perhaps they just need more time. Diane and I very much enjoy their company and appreciate the opportunity to provide them with a caring, loving home.