The Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge

This  is a special place to remember and honor our departed but still beloved kitty companions. 

We owe so much to the animals who loved us without question. And while words can’t begin to express the thanks we feel for their love, there is comfort in trying.

We are honored to afford the opportunity to express our thanks and never-ending love on these pages.  

If you would like to remember a special loved one here, email us with your request. 

For visitors who don’t have loved ones posted here, we know you’ll find at least one kitty who will strike a note of recognition in your heart for a kitty you remember, too.


Achilles: Born in DC.  Originally named Mr. Grey.  Adopted at 9 weeks and became the first cat his dad ever had.  Spent his whole life as a leader and beacon of joy and energy.  Beloved friend and companion for almost eight years who always responded to his name.  Warm, gentle, devoted, clever, handsome, and unique.  Got along with all people and all his furry siblings.  A 5-tool cat who had all the skills.  Taken suddenly from this earth due to cardiomyopathy.  Missed terribly by his daddy, mommy and feline brothers & sister.  Much like the Greek warrior for whom he was named, he died far too young but his name and memory will live on through the ages.  There will never be another Achilles.  We love you buddy.  You will always be papa’s boy.  (9/1/2004 – 7/27/2012)


Rescued in 2010 and named after the star of the popular children’s book “Orlando the Marmelade Cat,” we instantly loved his gentle, sunny personality, wild kittenish ways and easy adaptability. He proved us right when Erin and Ted adopted him and brought him home with another FFGW kitty and the two kitties bonded in record time. Our hearts are broken for Erin, Ted and Simone and we thank them for giving Alvin the most wonderful life a kitty could have. Here is Erin’s heartfelt tribute:

Alvin (2009 – 2016) (Hayes-Carlson — 11/6/2010 – 3/15/2016)

I Miss:

– Him meeting us at the door, every time-  The climbing, the leaps  – The flying wallendas from the railing to the bed – Coming off the transom onto the floor   *bam*- His excitement when new grass appears- Inspecting the food bags – Him bugging me for kibble, every night-  The middle of the night romps with his sister, Simone – Him and his woobie – His unbridled joy when jumping around the bed chasing feathers – Him chewing on Erin’s pill boxes –  Headbutts all the time, to say hello, I love you, or just because – Him on Erin’s pillow every morning – Shredding toilet paper, his sculpting –  The kibble bags he chewed through – His chirping – Helping make the bed every weekend – Patrolling the windows in summer – Him chewing on everything – All the Alvin  paths and carrier landings – Lick, lick, chomp – Sitting in the window waiting for me – Always curious – Helping me repot plants – Wearing his reindeer antlers – “Alvin get down from there!” – Sleeping with me – Helping me refill the kibble – Not afraid of heights – His forays outsite – on a leash; unchaperoned, at night, in the snow, during a power outage – Our greeter – Falling into the bathtub with water in it – Rolling around in the fresh litter – Rolling around in the garage – A whirling dervish when he didn’t want to be held – Taking pill pockets like a snack – Wanting snacks/kibble all the time – Drooling – Rolling onto his back in the bathtub and watching the dripping water – Rounding us up in the evening – Planning everything around Alvin – Nawing on the giraffe, the edges, on anything he could – His head smelling of rosemary – Smelling of the outside when he’d come out of the window – Taking on the grandfather clock and the treadmill, and winning – Taking on the cat stand, the fountain, and the radio, and winning – Always supervising – Mr. protect this house and his family – Zen kitty – Pawing at the glass doors to get out – Scratching windows so we’d open them – Alvin’s arch enemy – the staircase – Rolling around in the bathtub – His internal atomic clock, 0430 – wake up and feed me breakfast!, 1100 – sleep, 1600 – snack, 1800 – dinner!, 1900 – Kibble!!, 2100 – herd everyone upstairs for bed – Foot biting alarm clock – Simone and pointer, pell-mell into Alvin – His dismount from any high place – Burning his paw on a hot stove top, and still getting about – Running the numbers to see if he can get from A to B to C – Alvin in a box, laundry basket, or any other item with sides – Alvin making certain I was accessorized for the day by kneading all over my clothes – His sleeping positions – curled up, stretched out on his stomach, pretzel twisted, stretched out on his back, foot stuck out – Just wanting to be with is peeps. We’re going to miss you lots big man. You made us laugh, you made us fuss, but you always did it with love. See you on the other side.  

Love ya, Simone, Ted and Erin


Miss Ancie Malley, pictured in this photo from 1995 with my daughter Mary, died on March 30, 2010.  Some time this summer she would have turned 18 years old. Ancie came to us out of the woods in Vermont.  We arrived one evening at a cabin there when our two daughters were babies, and the third daughter (the one in the photo) not yet in the material world.  The little kitten must have slipped in unnoticed.  But it seemed like she was already inside before we opened the door for, when we got the lights on, we could see the tiny creature that went with the big meow.  She was very tiny, perhaps 4 weeks old. She slept with me that night, nestled in my hair, kneading my head rather painfully (for me).  Next morning, her mother appeared from the woods and lead her away.  But in the evening, the mother returned and dropped her off.  This happened two nights in a row and the day we left, the kitten was not around.  Yet, our friends who owned the cabin returned later in the week, called me, and gave me the kitten.  My oldest daughter, who was 3, named her. This cat spent much of her life being independent, a big hunter out of doors, and a gentle creature indoors.  She was sweet.  I am really just awestruck when I think that she was the animal companion that I had longest of any.  It’s so weird to look back on those 18 years, to think she was here when Mary was born, watched these kids grow up, accepted two doofus dogs into the house, and lived cautiously around an older, cranky cat.   I don’t know how you can spend the most years you’ve ever spent with an animal companion, and still feel like it wasn’t enough when she’s gone.  I still look for her in the usual places and anticipate her greeting when I come home from work. But I am glad for the opportunities to post my memories here.

– Kathryn Malley


Our dear Angel, we miss you so much now that you are no longer with us. Your life of 18+ years was quite a journey I’m sure. We only got to spend almost 6 years with you & we hope you enjoyed them. Your mom misses you so. Your illness was so sudden that we are feeling a little shell shocked over your passing, but we know how tired you were. It was only two & a half weeks ago that you were fighting for some of my fried chicken. I wish I gave you some…more. We all love & miss you so big guy. Till we meet again….. I’ll bring the fried chicken, OK. Love Dad, Mom, Harmony, Dillen, & Lucky


I lost my beautiful Anise (known as Mulberry by FFGW) on September 19, 2018 and truly miss her.  Every time the phone rang she would come sit next to me and expect to be petted.  If you stopped petting, she would swat your hand to remind you to keep going and if she thought you were scratching the wrong area she would head butt your hand to the right place.  I really miss my phone buddy but am very grateful for the wonderful 17 years were shared.


Our sweet Bailey (aka Skip, which you had named him) came into our lives two years ago. He was a sweet, sensitive boy, who brought great joy and love into our lives. I would call him and he would come running. He enjoyed bird and squirrel watching, and wrestling with his “brother,” whom we adopted at the same time. They both loved to curl up and sleep with us. We know that we and the vets at the emergency hospital did all they could, and we know that he is waiting for us at the Bridge. We are thankful to the Feline Foundation for bringing two great cats into our lives, and are only sorry Bailey couldn’t have stayed with us much longer. His beautiful spirit will remain in our hearts forever. Tom & Karen Dunham & Dylan Cat


Beloved cat companion of Alane Keller’s Uncle.


Blackie Aaronson I just lost my buddy ‘Blackie’ to heart and kidney disease. He was only 4 years old and leaves his buddy ‘Whitey’. He was a great friend,companion and always brought a smile to my face after a long hard day. Allen

Bouche Fisher

Handsome, lovely, loved Bouche lived 2 decades! Despite his name (bouche is French for “mouth”), he was a quiet boy with a tiny meow and a huge heart. Safe jourmey, big fella!


1998-2005… We were the fortunate humans to be owned by our beautiful calico Calista Anne Stapleton, even if it was for such a short period of time. From the time we met her at her FFGW foster home in 1998, where she quickly climbed into Jesse’s lap and purred away in happiness, to the day we said goodbye after a year-long battle with a brain tumor in March 2005, not a memory will be forgotten of our dear feline princess. We have numerous memories of everyday events, including her favorite hiding place under the kitchen rug, her sitting on the deck sunning herself, her love for all vegetables (especially corn-on-the-cob) and her ability to steal all the blankets from us while we slept at night. Although we miss her dearly, we know in our hearts she is in a better, happier place, where she can enjoy all the good things of life that she deserves. Until we meet again, you are forever in our hearts and minds. Love, Laura, Jesse and Carrington.


We would like to post a tribute to our dear kitty, who was with us for 18 1/2 years! He had the sweetest “motorboat” purr and the downiest under-fur. Also, he had extra toes on each foot — he was quite the unique kitty. We loved him dearly and will miss him so much. From Kathy and Paul Nicholson

Dover, Bethany and Wilmington

Our dear foster babies. Even though you left us much too soon, sweet Dovey, Bethy and Wimington-tun-tunny, we will always love and never forget you! L & R


Duncan left us after 16 wonderful years. He was a gentle and loving
friend whose absence leaves a massive void in our home. A well-traveled
tabby, Duncan lived with us in Canada and Turkey, as well as northern
Virginia. His enjoyed life, people, jazz, his sunny window, and of
course tuna. He was forever grateful to the Feline Foundation for
rescuing him as a kitten and leading him to his family. Duncan faced
every day, even when battling kidney disease, with great feline
equanimity and dignity. Our hearts cannot feel empty because he filled
them with so much love. –Michele and Gary

Edward Monroe Phelps

Edward Monroe Phelps, April 4, 1999 to May 26, 2014 
Beautiful Edward was a blessing from the Feline Foundation of Greater Washington.  He was brought to me on April 4, 1999, a sweet little ball of orange and white fluff.   He was a Prince from day one, he stayed by my side constantly.  He loved to be loved and he gave it back ten fold.  In 2013 we found out that our beloved boy was hyperthyroid, so we went on the Tapazole routine, but it really took it’s toll on our beautiful boy.  Toward the end he had wasted away so much and was so thin, but he tried so hard not let me down or fret.  The last day he was breathing hard, and I knew it was close. I stayed with him as he tried to cool down on the floor, and left for just a minute or two, when I returned.. Well, he was gone.  He left my world on 3 am on Memorial day, I miss him so much (A day without Ed is a day without sunshine)–Jean Phelps


Elton joined me and became the joy in my life when he was 10 weeks old, and stayed with me faithfully until he left his body almost 17 years later. I will always remember his sweet loving nature, and Buddha-like peacefulness. Through many moves, and other times of stress and joy, he remained his same sweet, lovable self. He was my one and only constant, as well as a source of endless love and comfort. In addition to leaving me a legacy of unconditional love, Elton inspired me with an intense desire to help animals. He opened my eyes and heart to the many ways in which animals help people, and in return how animals can be helped by people, both by our actions and beliefs. In addition to our physical lives together, we can share a very rich emotional, mental and spiritual relationship with all animals; indeed, it is they who can teach us the almost unattainable — loving ourselves unconditionally. From Alison

Enzie Rankins-Weil

Beloved kitty who spent 20+ wonderful years with his humans before crossing the Rainbow Bridge.


1997-2005… Fiona was the second cat we adopted from the Feline Foundation. She was a kitten fostered by Judy Medina. We felt very honored to be able to adopt our little Fiona and to share our lives with her – even if only for eight years. Fiona was born missing half of the ribs on her right-side. Fiona didn’t let this birth defect affect her. She was a very playful and affectionate cat. For reasons unknown, Fiona would only play with toys that were white. She loved nothing more than playing “fetch” with her white mice, golf tees and scraps of white paper. Fiona didn’t think much of our other cats and commanded her own room. However, in the evenings, she loved nothing more than sharing a bed with her people – often sleeping between our pillows. Fiona passed away peacefully on June 13, 2005. We had only found out a few days before that Fiona had an aggressive and untreatable form of cancer. Although we are still a bit shell-shocked, we are thankful that she didn’t have to suffer long. Until we meet again Fiona, love Laura & Regan.

Fluffy Stafford

From Mindy Milman


Folie was born in an FFGW foster home in 1999 and adopted by a young, single woman. Folie was reportedly a sweet kitty and life was perfect until her adopter married and had a child. Folie did not adjust well. She was returned to FFGW in 2005 or 2006 after becoming very aggressive around the baby. We aren’t sure exactly what happened, but Folie was clearly badly traumatized by somethhing, whether the changes in her family life or something worse. After her return, she was equally unpredictable and fractious and seemed unable to accept affection, even from her devoted foster mom, Margaret.

After years in foster care, Folie gradually came to accept a modicum of affection from Margaret, but only on very specific terms. A pat on the head was acceptable, but no touching below the neck, and never, ever, the tummy. Brushing, yes, but only from the top of her head to a certain point on her back. The brush was swatted out of Margaret’s hand on many more than one occasion. Often, Folie responded to Margaret’s gentle “why hello, Folie” with a huge hiss. But Margaret loved her all the same. Folie enjoyed a fairly rigid routine, which came to include 3 meals plus afternoon “tea” every day. She also insisted on daily excursions into the corridor outside Margaret’s apartment in a senior residence in Alexandria, as well as occasional visits with the neighbors. No one could touch Folie, but everyone enjoyed talking to her, and, when Margaret went out for more than a few hours, one of Folie’s friends would stop in to check on her and deliver her meal on time . Folie spent at least part of every night curled on the bed by Margaret’s side. Folie was sometimes an unreasonably early riser, and Margaret would try to coax her to stay in bed awhile longer by bribing her with a few Temptations treats from a jar on the bedside table. Folie had cat beds and toys throughout the apartment, even a special blanket on the wide windowsill from which she liked to bird watch. Margaret and Folie sent Christmas cards to their friends around the world every winter.

Folie developed health issues in her later years (bladder stones, hyperthyroidism, constipation), and Margaret was a fiercely devoted and attentive nurse. She even postponed a trip to see family in England when Folie was recovering from bladder surgery. Although Folie could barely be handled by her vet and his heavily gloved technician, Margaret managed to coax and cajole Folie into eating a prescription diet for her bladder issue, snuck doses of specially compounded thyroid meds into her food and even cooked her a portion of sweet potato every day to increase her fiber intake. We knew that Folie would not accept the kind of medical intervention and supportive care we might offer a less prickly kitty, and solemnly promised Folie that we would not ruin her life in order to extend it. Such promises are more easily made than kept.

Folie’s appetite started to wane about 3 months ago. With the vet’s okay, Margaret tried samples of food from every cat family in the building, trying to find something Folie would like. Some were bigger hits than others, but by the end of June, Margaret was replacing one uneaten meal with food that would not be touched at the next. Folie was still eating Temptations, but fewer and fewer each day. Last week, Folie was still going outside to “take the air” in the corridor, but by this past weekend, she didn’t even ask to go out. Margaret devoted almost every minute to Folie, measuring her water intake, counting each kibble to see if any had been eaten. The time to keep the promise we had made to Folie was coming. On Thursday, Folie’s vet came to help Margaret say goodbye to her very precious girl. Bur before the final injection, the doctor gave Folie a sedative and Margaret was able to cuddle Folie in her arms and kiss her for the very first time in their almost 10 years together.

FFGW will be eternally grateful to Margaret for keeping its promise to precious, prickly Folie. A cat only a (foster) mother could love.–July 2, 2015


Passed away in his 19th year, friend and companion of Angela Napili and Albert Wu. From Bonnie Mangan


In loving memory of my furry “snuggle bug” Fritzie, who was my best friend for 17 years (1987-2004). S. Ford


We are sad to report that a little guy we adopted through FFGW has passed on. He came to us with the name Masai Warrior but this was too serious for him, so he adopted the name Harley because his purr sounded like an idling motorcycle. He was sweet and playful and demanded belly-rubs, and never understood why our older cat never quite warmed up to him. However, he made a real contribution to the family and was a kitten to the end. He suffered from a chronic kidney problem and allowed us to administer subcutaneous fluids every other day for the last two years of his life. Finally he suffered a series of urinary blockages and it was time to let him go. He enjoyed every day of the time he got to be a cat and we will not forget him. Thanks to FFGW for bringing this happy fellow into our lives. We are discussing a new adoption with our older cat, but she is very skeptical. 

M, M & Em


Beloved cat of Frank and Kateri Snow.

Jerry Boot

Jerry was an extraordinary soul, who, when his second FFGW adoption failed at 9 months due to litter box issues, told a communicator that he was now going to be bad as possible, since being as good as he could be had gotten him nowhere. He came to us then and was our boy–and litterbox perfect–ever since. Jerry was 3 legged when he was found in a field at 4 weeks. We lost him  today (March 16, 2012) to an inoperable fibrosarcoma on his “good” rear leg. (The same leg he broke at 11 months—undaunted, he’d fling his big blue cast under his tummy and motor around pulling himself by his powerful front legs and pushing off with the remainder of his missing fourth leg. Including into the litterbox and right up to the top of the 6-foot cat tree in our dining room!)  He was a character—brave and cowardly, crabby and sweet and so, so smart. We will love and miss you forever, our Jerry “Itty Bitty” Boot.  Your Mommies.


Beloved Jessy, your journey began when your owner went to heaven. You were abandoned in a warehouse and found hungry, and sick. God wanted you to have a second chance, and that is how I had the chance to be with you. As soon as my family and I saw you we knew how hard your life has been. You were nice to trust us after several days. I will never forget when you softly talked to me, and came to me looking for love. I was happy I gained your broken heart. When I realized your painful background, I wanted to fill your emptiness with the warm of my family. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. I am sorry I did not give everything you deserved, but I know you were OK with it. You gave us your love and trust, we will treasure it forever. God wanted you back, and now I know you are with God, and your real owner enjoying happiness eternally. Jessy, thank you for opening you heart to my family and me. Thank you for your soft talk, your warm, your strength, your maturity, your beauty, your heart. I know you departed with the feeling of being loved and love. You will be missed dearly, but I know where you are now, pain does not exist anymore. We know we will see you again someday, but this time it will be for good. Jessy, keep us in your beautiful soul!! From Tania

Joaquin King

Companion cat of Kimberly King. From Sarah Dupree

Katrina Webb

From Marylou Hobbs


Kiley Melancon passed over the Rainbow Bridge, at home, on 2 April, following  a short but devastating illness. He was helped in his transition to Heaven by his long-time vet, Dr. Lee Morgan. He is sadly missed my his mom, who loved him SO much. He spent his last two nights wrapped in mom’s arms, after having told her he was ready to go. He is with his late sisters, Carmen and Druscilla, romping around the fields of in peace, sweet baby…


My wonderful all black cat, Koko, died on Friday, November 10.  He was almost 19 years old.  I got him from the Feline Foundation in the late spring of 1999.  He brought me much joy and was the best and most affectionate cat I ever had.  I keep looking at the spot on my bed
where he frequently hung out.  It is devastating to lose such a
special pet.  Rest in peace my darling Koko.— Sherry Hart

                “What greater gift than the love of a cat?”—Charles Dickens


Max and his brother, Ben, were adopted from FFGW as kittens and returned in November 2006 because of a new husband with allergies and a dog that the boys considered a frightening monster. While we initially thought the boys should be adopted as a pair, fate intervened. A staff member at the vet hospital where the boys were being boarded fell in love with Ben and adopted him, leaving Max much happier alone in his kitty cage but still in need of a real home. Max was physically in great shape but somewhat emotionally scarred from all the changes in his life. He hoped for a gentle, patient, cat savvy human to help him find his true self again.  After almost a year at the vet hospital (and several unsuccessful  interviews by prospective adopters), Max found refuge with just the  special person he sought, an FFGW foster mom. She helped Max rediscover his purr and joie de vivre. But as things turned out, re-adoption was not in the cards for Max. A December 2011 check-up to investigate a sudden weight loss gave us the sad news that Max had lymphoma. Max and his foster mom  had a long talk on the subject and decided to abandon the adoption idea. Instead, Max and his mom decided that he would spend the rest of his days with his mom and foster siblings. Max died peacefully at home in his foster mom’s lap on July 5, 2013. Purrs to you, little big man!

Meli and Nyssa

Meli and Nyssa–together forever . . . We received the sad news that darling Nyssa (the solid white kitty in the collage) crossed the Rainbow Bridge on October 22, 2012. She was in the comforting presence of her mom, Sylvia, and, her “auntie” and her”uncle” when Dr. Laura Fontana of Home Veterinary Care came to help Nyssa. Sylvia writes: “After we said our goodbye to Nyssa, I wrapped my arms around her and talked to her as the sedative was administered and, when the lethal injection was administered into the sedative, she was gone in a nanosecond. I, of course, am still crying like a baby, and my office looks so strange without the litter boxes” Nyssa joins her beloved Meli at the Rainbow Bridge. We know they are watching out for the mom and sending her purrs and love. (Please see Sylvia’s lovely updates on Nyssa on our Happy Tales page.)

MY MELI — January 1990 to July 17, 2006. Sweet dreams Meli Mou. When you were created, they threw away the mold. Sixteen years together was not enough, but I knew you had to go on your journey. I miss your head on the pillow next to me when we slept; you steadfastly at my side after my surgeries, protecting me… not getting up until I did, and following me wherever I went in the house – including watching me in the shower until you knew I was safely out and drying off. Nyssa keeps going into the closet looking for you and calling for you. I know she remembers all of us saying our last goodbye’s to you, as you gently began your crossing of the Rainbow Bridge. Nyssa still calls for you daily. I know you have your feta cheese, peanut butter, and menthol cough drops on the other side of the Bridge. We know you are watching over us until we are all together again. We love you and miss you. Sylvia and Nyssa


To our Mikko Monster, We see you free of fear and anxiety, in fields of green, with bountiful catnip and laundry baskets full of dryer-warm clothes waiting for you to curl up in. We miss you terribly and always, always love you. Especially Mom. Your Human ‘Rents and Brother


IN LOVING MEMORY OF MINNIE, August 8, 1988 – July 17, 2006. I will miss that sweet little girl. Angela Petrillo


My sweet Misha! I miss you so much. You suffered so much in your last three weeks, but you still purred! I thought we’d be together for much longer but the infection was too much for you. I will miss your sleeping above my head on my pillow and kneading my hair. I didn’t know when I adopted you from the Feline Foundation how much of an impact you would have on my life and how incomplete it is without you. I think of the 12 years we had together and realize how lucky I was to have you! From Jeannette

Nelly Sue Phelps

Nelly Sue Phelps, May 25, 1993 to June 21, 2014
Nelly came into our lives from the Feline Foundation of Greater Washington, FFGW.  We had recently lost our beloved Molly, a thin black beauty at age of 15.  So for some time I was looking for a little black girl, and then I saw her in a newspaper ad, so I answered it.  I went to be introduced to the little black beauty in May of 1993, she was a dream.  So I went back on Memorial Day to pick her up from Alexandria.   Nelly and I drove home to Stafford from Alexandria, passing the motorcycle brigade of Rolling Thunder on I-95.  She was absolute charmer, with her loud Siamese Meow when she wanted something or smelled chicken, pork chops, salmon or steak.  She lived a long and we would hope a wonderful life for 21 years.   But she too was ill with hyperthyroidism for two years prior to her death, quietly a month after Edward she went in her sleep.  She was a such beauty in her day, but now she’s in my heart.   –Jean Phelps

Neon and Archie

Neon and Archie, both lost to us in December of 2009. We lost Neon on December 12th (he was approximately 15 years old) due to cancer and Archie most unexpectedly of liver and pancreatic failure on December 23rd (he was 7 years old) They could not have been more different. Neon (the short-haired cat) was a former feral who spent his whole life on the second floor of our house, mostly in our bedroom and a small spare bedroom. He only came downstairs in the last few months of his life; people joked that he was imaginary since so few people ever saw him. He was a quiet, gentle and loving little cat. Even toward the very end, he was sweet and mild-mannered. Eveyone at the vet’s was sad to see him come in for the last time.


Our dear 14-year old cat Pinky passed away on Tuesday, November 30, 2004. We adopted her with the help of the Feline Foundation when she was 6 yrs old. She was sweet, affectionate, smart, and beautiful. She died peacefully at home surrounded by love. Thank you to the Feline Foundation for helping us to adopt her, and for the compassionate care given by everyone at Barcroft Cat Hospital, for nearly 8 terrific years we had with Pinky. Suzanne and David Herr


Your sweet spirit will be with us always. From Gerri and Ray


Everyone thought Scooter was younger than his (12) years because he was so playful. The only feature that changed as he matured was that he developed three white whiskers on the right side of his face. We found him to be the sweetest, cutest and cuddliest cat “who ever owned us!” He had a friendly disposition and especially liked the ladies. If you had bare feet all the better; however I had to be careful for Scooter would rub his face against freshly manicured toes. He made us laugh with his antics–as he preferred homemade toys to store bought. He was on the quiet side, hardly ever meowed and had a strong purr. When we couldn’t find him we’d look in the bath tub where he could be found waiting patiently for someone to turn on a dripping faucet. Scooter loved his table treats: chicken, fish and tuna–at least he was a healthy eater! It is difficult to say any one thing that we will miss the most about him, losing a loved pet is like losing a loved human–it is their overall presence that will be missed. Allie & Chuck Bowling

Showup (Monger)

With Love, Sharon Barry


April 2003 – February 19, 2004. The entire Feline Foundation mourns the passing of our precious brown tabby boy and sends love and thanks to his foster family, Joanne, Ian and Grace. Come find us when we get to the Rainbow Bridge, little man!


Things are not quite the same around here, nor will be for some time. She had quite the personality – an air of diva and a fearless nature. That is the Smokey Girl that I will always remember. Pets have an amazing way of loving their humans unconditionally. She is (and will forever be) sorely missed. Please keep her in your thoughts. — JR

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear valiantly fought cancer and many minor ailments for a long while. Beloved companion of Mary and Jack Medlin. He will be missed!