The Kind of Miracle that You Make Happen

We called them Chip and Dale, the cats from our Year End Letter, the bonded brothers found clinging to each other in an apartment stairwell. They broke the heart of the kind soul who found them, and they called to us as well – we knew that we had to step up and rescue them. The story of rescue doesn’t end when we take in a cat, though, in fact that’s just the beginning. It’s at that point that we spend the money you have generously donated to us, making sure the cats are healthy, receive their needed vaccines, spaying or neutering if necessary, and of course any needed treatments if they are not healthy – for once with FFGW, we use your donations to make sure a cat receives the medical care he or she needs, even when that care is expensive.

And then – we wait for the “real” rescue – the point where a cat finds a forever home. We were very glad that, despite our financial condition, we had enough funds to take in Chip and Dale, and we did so despite expecting that they’d be with us a while, since we wouldn’t split them up, and finding a home for two cats at the same time, black cats at that, requires patience.

It’s the season of miracles, though, and Chip and Dale – were adopted within a week, to a loving home that was all that we could ask for.

This morning I brought them some breakfast, fully expecting to set the plates down and leave so they could eat in peace. But Jake came out! He gave me head butts and purred and wanted pets. After a few minutes he ate his food and came back to SIT IN MY LAP! I couldn’t believe it!

We got the boys home safe and sound last night. They are so good, even in the car! They seemed ok with their new room, but neither wanted to come out of the carrier while we were there, which is fine. They did come out a little while we were downstairs, which was encouraging.

Elwood watched all of this and seemed like he was thinking of coming out, but couldn’t quite get up the nerve before Jake had eaten both breakfasts. Oops. He did end up eating a treat out of my hand though. Will try to get him some lunch in a few hours.

Obviously – it all worked out in this wonderful, patient home. Here’s the evidence:

We couldn’t have done this, without your support – you made this miracle happen. It’s not too late to donate, and get us started on miracles for next year!

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