Mom and two Daughters need home!

Twas about a month before Christmas, and who did appear? A trio of scraggly kitties of ten or twelve years. A mom and two daughters from a shelter outstate, their human was too sick to care for them – but wait! What to their wonderous eyes did appear, but FFGW, saying – kitties, have no fear! Sure, you’re thin and scruffy and scared, but we’ll fix that, and when you’re repaired, come on Sissy, on Frick and on Frack, no longer bedraggled, you’re now super laidback. A home for Christmas, or at least the New Year, that’s what we’ll find, because listen here – your adoption fees are waived (thanks, Santa!) for a qualified home, no longer hungry, you’ll nevermore roam. We need you to write the last verse – all Sissy, Frick and Frack want is a home for the holidays. Can you open your heart and help us close the chapter on their new lives?

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