FFGW Reports

FFGW Reports

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FFGW Expenses (2022)

100% of your donations go to caring for the animals and the ordinary expenses of running a non-profit organization that is insured and licensed in Virginia. The chart above shows you how our funds are spent – and you can see that we keep our non-animal care expenses as low as possible, with our main expenditure – veterinary cost – dwarfing even our second most expense, supplies for the adoption center in the Leesburg PetSmart.

According to Charity Navigator, non-profits should spend less than 10% of their income on fundraising (FFGW is at 3% for fundraising as our only fundraising expenses are our periodic paper mailings) and less than 35% on overhead (taking all expenses other than medical as “overhead” – hosting our website, insurance, required accounting audits, cat food, litter, toys, etc. –  FFGW overhead is at about 15% of income. In other words, roughly 85% of donations go to medical expenses for the cats.  We’re pretty proud of that efficiency.  

When you donate to FFGW, you know that the cats benefit directly.

Feline Foundation of Greater Washington

Formed in 1995, the mission of the Feline Foundation of Greater Washington is to provide necessary veterinary and loving foster care for every animal in our program, to find them permanent, adoptive homes where they will be treated with love and respect for the rest of their lives, to provide foster care for life if no adoptive home can be found, and to educate the public regarding responsible cat care. We are a 501(c)(3) organization (EIN 54-1749459).

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