Fostering Cats and Kittens

The number of kitties we are able to help depends only on the number of foster homes we have. Please consider volunteering for this rewarding and urgently needed position. No special skills or facilities are required to foster – just a warm and safe place (even a spare bathroom is better than being homeless), some food, water, a litter box and most importantly – LOTS OF LOVE.

We desperately need foster homes to temporarily care for homeless cats and kittens until a permanent home is found. Fostering is a wonderful way to give a cat or kitten a second chance for a happy life. The Feline Foundation covers all veterinary expenses and all kitties are checked by a vet, have tested negative for feline leukemia and FIV and, if old enough, are vaccinated before they are placed in foster care.  

If you are interested or would like more information, please call us at 703-920-8665 and leave your name and phone number in Mailbox #1.  We will be glad to call you back and discuss this further with you — and invite you to read our “Frequently Asked Questions” about fostering located further down this page!


You must fill out an application to become a foster parent.  You can:

Complete an online foster application


E-Mail us if you have additional questions before completing a foster application.  Please be sure to provide your name, address and phone number!



The answer to this question depends on many variables: the age of the cat or kitten in your care, whether s/he needs continuing medical attention or extensive rehabilitation and socialization to overcome past traumas, and, often, when the next ADOPTION FAIR is scheduled. Please note that if you want the wonderful experience of fostering moms and their kittens, you should count on a commitment of several months–due dates are hard to predict, kittens must stay with mom until they are at least 8 weeks old and mom will stay with you until she is adopted, too. In general, younger cats are adopted more quickly than older cats. However, from the moment a cat is placed in a foster home, the process of finding the perfect permanent adoptive family has begun.  We make every effort to complete adoptions as soon as possible.


Generally, THE SAME HIGH QUALITY CARE YOU WOULD PROVIDE YOUR OWN PET: adequate food and water, a clean litterbox (sharing with resident pets is okay after an initial adjustment period, during which we recommend isolating the newcomer for everyone’s benefit and comfort) and lots of loving attention. You will also be responsible for picking up your new foster kitty from a local vet hospital, taking your fosters to follow-up vet appointments (see below) and for making PET SITTING ARRANGEMENTS when you travel. Foster parents assist in the ADOPTION PROCESS by filling out personality profiles and other paperwork, by permitting approved applicants to meet kitties in their homes and by transporting their fosters to ADOPTION FAIRS.


FFGW is responsible for all medical expenses and decisions, but we depend upon our foster volunteers to MONITOR THE FOSTER CAT’S HEALTH and alert us to any problems. All vet care must be preauthorized by an FFGW representative and must be performed at an approved veterinary hospital.

Feline Foundation of Greater Washington

Formed in 1995, the mission of the Feline Foundation of Greater Washington is to provide necessary veterinary and loving foster care for every animal in our program, to find them permanent, adoptive homes where they will be treated with love and respect for the rest of their lives, to provide foster care for life if no adoptive home can be found, and to educate the public regarding responsible cat care. We are a 501(c)(3) organization (EIN 54-1749459) .

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