Happy Tales 2

Happy Tails

These are tales (or “tails” as we call them!) that you send to us, telling how wonderfully your adoption experience with “our kitties” has turned out! We love ’em! Keep those cards and e-mails coming!!


Today is 1 year since I brought Pekoe home. I was supposed to foster him but the moment you told me someone was interested, my heart broke at the idea of letting him go. Adopting him was one of the best decisions of my life.

He has not only helped me through quarantine but he has filled my home with so much joy. I started fostering dogs last summer and he has been so patient will at 15 of my fosters. He is also a great big brother to my new kitten, Marty. They are inseparable and Marty thinks he is the coolest thing on Earth. He continues to be happy, healthy, and cuddly. He didn’t let the fame of being the cover of the AWLA calendar go to his head. His vet continues to say he is such a sweet cat, she even said she can’t tell if he has a heart murmur or not because he kept purring during his whole appointment.

Thank you for all the work you do with these cats; without you Pekoe and I would not have found each other and I cannot imagine my life without him! Thank you so much from me, Pekoe, and Marty!


Hi Brittany,
I just love Abby. Will send you photos thru separate email since they were on my phone. Her coat pattern is just stunning. Everyone that sees her just loves her. She is a big girl now, about 14 lbs, not fat, but just big boned.

She gets along with the other kitties in the household and really loves sleeping in my lap whenever I am in the recliner watching TV. She also sleeps at the foot of the bed at night with the other three. So glad we crossed paths.

Thanks for all you do to give these wonderful kitties loving homes.


Ridley and Odin:

After we got home, we put them in the room and left them for alone for a little while to just chill. Then Ed went in and sat with them and they both rubbed against him! Ridley was all over the place sniffing, but Odin was more cautious.

Ed went in again this morning, and then me later. Lots of rubbing and some chirps from Ridley! Eating well and using the litterbox. We call them Bonnie and Clyde now.  

Sharing a picture to show how well they are settling in with our other kitty.

Edgar and Evelyn:

Thanks for all you do to give these wonderful kitties loving homes. I just wanted to send you a cute picture of Evelyn and Edgar!  They are adorable and my family is thoroughly enjoying them.  We have renamed them Amber and Asher .

They still love each other and live to play.  They love to sleep with us.  Asher is shy but Amber will go under the covers and sleep along the side of my rib cage.  They are totally adorable!

Mia and Vida:

Well, “the girls” have pretty much taken over our home and seem assured that this is not just another temporary housing arrangement. They spend a lot of time in the sunny window seat in our bedroom, where we have positioned 2 beds, 1 heated.  In the attached photos, this morning they first were curled up in the heated bed.  Mia, with her long, heat-retaining fur, needed to cool off;  so she moved to the unheated bed. While they get next to us for head rubs and, in Vida’s case, belly rubs, they’ve yet to sit in our laps.  Perhaps they just need more time. Diane and I very much enjoy their company and appreciate the opportunity to provide them with a caring, loving home.


Miley was taken in by FFGW almost a year ago when her owner passed away. Shuffled from house to house trying to find a place to settle, the family contacted us saying she needed a new home. One of our many amazing foster families took in eight year old Miley, keeping her safe, happy and loved. We moved Miley to one of our partner vets, Just Cats Clinic in Reston, VA where they help show our adoptable cats in their amazing front playroom! Miley adjusted quickly and one week later she met her person. Her new Mom emailed us and said, “Brittany, I thought my search would take much longer to find the kitty I was looking for, until I walked in and met Miley!” That’s all we needed to hear! Miley is celebrating this Thanksgiving in her Forever Home!! You can see she’s made herself a part of the family after a rough year.

Nitro and Java:

Hi Brittany and Lindsey! We are so in love!!! The boys have settled in so well  

They are still getting used to Lucy Loo and Sandy (our fur doggie girls). Java has let the girls get more closer to him than Nitro has. Nitro seems more into finding things to get into  Java seems to act like a big brother to Nitro. 

They have been playing together and they are also eating very well. They know where the litter boxes are and really have just settled in nicely! 

We went out to dinner last night and when we walked into the door the boys came running down the stairs to greet us! They are really just so sweet and are getting spoiled rotten!

This morning they were hanging out in the sun in our foyer.

PomPom and BonBon:

The girls are doing wonderfully. They are lovely companions. They want to be around us all the time. They have full run of the house now but prefer to hang out wherever we are. We have renamed them Demelza and Prudie. I put a red collar on Delmelza so that I can tell them apart, although when they are together, Delmelza is the smaller one. They spend a lot of time napping, although they spend time racing around the house. Last night a neighbor girl came over and played with them and they loved her. They are sweet and we love them. Thank you


Bo and Jackson:

Bo and Jackson are doing great! We have transitioned to living without barriers. The only small exception is when I am going to be out of the house for a long time. I think they are both ready for that one last step. I am just moving slowly because I can. They do great without supervision at night and when I step out for short periods. Jackson is so happy to have a buddy join him as he dashes around. Sometimes the running course includes the bed at 4 am, but I am just glad to endure it because they are both enjoying each other’s company so much! LOL! I am so happy to report there are no issues and they are loving their new found togetherness. They both love to play…a lot. The very first long time frame they were together was about 4.5 hours. They played nonstop the entire time. I only separated them so they could take a break! Since then there are no barriers, and they are either playing, eating, or sleeping. In case any new fur parents want one example of an integration and how long it took, this was eight weeks. Meals were together starting at the door to Bo’s area. I slowly moved the meal locations into common areas (hallway, living room, kitchen, bedroom) so they could have the pleasant thing in as many places as possible. The baby gates never worked for long. When I added a second one for added height, Bo just climbed over it, so I gave up! Haha! Thanks! 

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